Our Promise to You
I am a Lifestyle Foot and Pantyhose Fetishist.  I was introduced to the game at the age of 10, after a daycare teacher showed me the joy of loving and worshipping women's feet.  I attended and graduated Art School in 2001 with a degree in Interactive Multimedia.  I then started hosting Fetish Parties in Denver and Los Angeles in the late 90's, finising my last on in the summer of 2005.  I have always been deviant.  I masturbate constantly thinking about women in sheer pantyhose, rubbing their sweat soaked pantyhose on my face, forcing me to smell and inhale the aroma of the perfection that is woman.  I am and will die, a slave to the Feminine Mystique, bound to them to worship them like they are living Gods.  A slave to the way that their pantyhose encased feet smell.  Longing for the exhilaration of running trembling hands across the warm pantyhose and nylon encased legs and feet of these Goddesses.   Looking so deeply into a Goddesses eyes as she runs her damp pantyhosed feet so slowly and deliberately across my face, that I cannot stand to do anything, but mindfuck myself.  I think that throughout this journey I am slowly becoming a woman worshipper, more intertwined within the arms of absolute harmony with femininity as a whole.  Pantyhosedfetish.com is an extension of that dream.  Of my life.
Servitude 1999
female foot worship foot fetish servitude
Technical Aspects of this Website
I shoot exclusively with Canon Products.  Most of the archive models or models that were shot before August 2010 are from the libraries of Beautifulfeetonline.com.  All content and models shot after August 2010 are Exclusive Pantyhosedfetish.com models.  The models Entire Libraries, including interviews, bonus clips and additional outtakes can be found within the libraries of Beautifulfeetonline.com.  I am a stickler for detail and edit, produce and post produce everything myself.  The video is shot with an HV-30, encoded to 720p.  All media was made and edited on a Mac.  I am a traveling Photographer and all of the models that you see are from all over the United States.   So, in a way, tis site is "Reality" based, fyi.  I answer all mail personally within 36 hours of recieving them and I am very honored to be a part of the Online Fetish Community!  Thank you and have a great time checking out my work.
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